Who are we ?

Whilst traveling on holiday in India with my family in the rich province of Rajasthan towards the end of the 1980’s we discovered at the back of the courtyard of an old Haveli (Maharaja’s summer palace) a hand block printing workshop. A few craftsmen were busy printing with wood blocks some shimmering fabrics.

Bruno Lamy

Spellbound by this age old technique, I designed my first textile collection in 1990 which was presented in 1991. Driven by the same impetus I decided to set up the Couleur Nature brand.

After ten years work of designing for hand block printed fabrics I wanted to explore the more delicate atmosphere of fine old mansion houses hidden in the mysterious landscapes of France. Mas d’Ousvan was launched in 2001 and offers softer tones compared to the flamboyant colors of the Couleur Nature collection.